The Program

Q5 recruits youth, teaches work and entrepreneurial skills as necessary and provides youth with paid work experience in an America’s Cup-related enterprise.

Currently Q5 recruits only students from the San Francisco Unified School District.  By 2012, Q5 will seek to involve students from elsewhere in the Bay Area (including Oakland and the South Bay) as well as other youth.  Although significant attention is paid to recruitment of at risk youth, the program is not exclusively for this group.  A diverse set of employees will be necessary to staff a broad range of positions made available under the program.

Jobs are offered through businesses contracting with the City and County of San Francisco, the America’s Cup Event Authority and the America’s Cup Organizing Committee.  These entities will be the entities responsible to ensure San Francisco has the infrastructure to host the competition. 

 Because certain jobs in these areas are available and amenable to youth internships, Q5 focuses on four areas: Media, Building and Construction, Transportation and Food Service.  Building and construction for San Francisco’s waterfront is expected to get underway well before the summer of 2012; accordingly, students involved in this area will go through a slightly different program including an abbreviated course.