For Businesses

Businesses entering the program offer at least one paid internship in exchange for temporary, often subsidized, labor.  San Franciscans and visiting spectators will increase the economic activity of the City by more than a billion dollars over the next two years.  This will support a broad range of new products and services related to presenting the America’s Cup. Participating businesses will allow students to earn and learn while exploiting the commercial opportunities made available by the yachting competition.

Q5 offers an essential service to the community.  Q5 addresses out-of-control rates of youth unemployment and ensures that the local community actually benefits from this once-in-a-generation opportunity to make San Francisco shine on the world stage.  In short, Q5 is ensuring one of the lasting effects of San Francisco’s hosting the 34th America’s Cup is the development of a whole new group of entrepreneurs and workers—a group of young locals who understand what it takes to put on an event as impactful as the America’s Cup.